As a Wolverine policyholder, we strive to take care of you when it’s needed the most.


You want to choose an insurance carrier that strives to respond to your claim within 24 hours of receiving it. A company that works with you and your independent insurance agent so there are no “surprises” when you get your settlement. A carrier that lets you choose the repair/construction service provider so you’re confident in the quality of workmanship. Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company is the carrier you want.


   Call or email your independent insurance agent to report your claim – click here for the email and phone number of your agent.

   If you have an extreme emergency claim situation on a weekend or weekdays after 4:30 pm (Eastern time) and your agent is not available, you may call us directly for help:

(800) 733-3320 (please call first)
(269) 782-3451 (use this number only if the above number cannot be reached)

   Please have your policy in front of you to help answer questions.

   You will get a contact number for a Wolverine Mutual claim adjuster.

   For more details or access to an easy online claim form, click on either the Auto/Cycle Claim
(for auto or motorcycle policies) or Property Claim (for home, seasonal or rental properties, watercraft, or recreational vehicle policies). Both forms are found below. We suggest that you contact your agency as well to follow up.

Auto / Cycle Claims

Property Claims

Additional Information:

Once a claim has been reported, contact the repair/construction service of your choice so you can be assured of the quality of work and service you want. We will work with them to handle your claim promptly and fairly. Our desire is to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

If you have a WINDSHIELD CLAIM ON YOUR INSURED AUTO, we’d like you to contact our Wolverine Mutual-sponsored representative directly for assistance in filing a claim.  Call (877) 488-2423 and our representative will work with the glass company you select to repair or replace the damaged glass.  You can also call our Home Office at (800) 733-3320, ext. 1705, and the call will be forwarded to our representative.



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Wolverine has a network of 275 independent insurance agencies in Michigan and Indiana.