Avoid costly coverage surprises

Crunching metal is a terrible sound. But it’s worse when your insurance agent admits you don’t have adequate auto insurance. Now you face unexpectedly higher out-of-pocket repair, replacement or medical costs. Those “surprises” are the downside of shortchanging your coverage to save a few dollars. At Wolverine Mutual we focus on providing the protection Michigan and Indiana drivers really need.


Drive with peace of mind

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Wolverine Advantages

Get all No-Fault mandatory coverages. Customize your coverage. Why pay for inflexible “packages” that don’t offer you enough protection or charge you for unnecessary extra coverages? Wolverine Mutual lets you tailor your protection and premium rates to your personal and family needs.



Michigan savings

Cut your annual premium costs with these discounts. Your agent will provide full details about how to qualify and the savings you’ll see:

  • Premier driver (new policyholder who is ticket- and accident-free and hasn’t had significant prior loss activity*)
  • Safe driver renewal*
  • Auto/home multi-policy
  • Multi-car
  • Safety belt**
  • Safety device (driver, passenger and/or side air bag; anti-lock brake system)
  • Pleasure use
  • Good student/good driver
  • Insurance scoring discount

*Applies to No-Fault and Collision coverages

**Applies to Personal Injury Protection only